Testimonials – Youth and Children’s Ministry

Speaking:  Children’s Ministry


“You are going to get some GREAT ideas on how to teach and lead children to the Lord.  It gave me inspiration to experiment with my sermon illustrations too.”

Pastor Adam Rinehart, Greens Fork, Indiana

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“Tim was passionate about what he taught.  Attend his workshop.  You get to blow stuff up and use power tools!  What else do you need?”

Nathan Braudrick, Blanchard, Oklahoma


“Practical, useful, and eye-catching.  Fun way to teach God’s word to kids, teens, and even adults.”

Lee Roberts, Bellefontaine,  Ohio


“This seems simple enough for anyone to do.  Can also use for adult ministry.”

Gerald Steele, Morris,  Illinois


“I felt a need for strengthening our boy’s and youth’s faith.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about doing that.  Your workshop went way beyond what I had imagined.  I left with hope and determination to help these boys and young men grow up rooted in the faith.”

Jody Basson


“Practical, usable, easy to take away with you.”

Pastor Brian Oberg, Marquette, Michigan


Speaking:  Youth


“Thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you into my life.”

Andrew Cook, Portland, Maine


“So many were touched, blessed, challenged, inspired, and equipped by your messages.  The youth really enjoyed your message and got a lot out of it with some practical take home application.  I was impressed and challenged by all the totally sweet visual aids you used in your messages.  But what impressed me most was your genuineness.”

Mitch Saad, Peoria,  Illinois

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