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“You gave me so many good thoughts that I would’ve completely missed.  We continue to use ideas from your books for our family.”

Pastor Aaron Telecky,  Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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“I shared your materials with a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting and the devotions and “experiments” were a big hit!”

Patrick Vail, Cincinnati, Ohio


“Thanks for ministering to all the families that came out.  We received great feedback and would love to have you back next year.”

Pastor Randy Tate,  Lake Zurich, Illinois


“Every parent I spoke with that attended walked away with great devotions ideas and were so grateful we had you come.  You do such a great job of giving hands-on demonstrations of devotions that families can use in their homes.”

Pastor Todd Slagle,  Gladstone, Missouri


“Wow, thanks for an excellent workshop!  We’ve heard nothing but positive buzz!”

Diane Alsens, Winona, Minnesota


“The families here and I extend our deepest appreciation of your ministry to families.”

Betsy LaVela,  Gladstone, New Jersey



“We were blessed by your ministry and I have heard nothing but encouraging comments from all involved.”

Pastor Stephen Bray, Charlottetown, PEI


“He equips us with stuff anybody can do with things they have at home.”

Dustin Garfield, Malden,  Massachusetts


“We talk about devotions but rarely follow through.  Here is a simple way to build good relations for the family!”

Dave Dufresne, South Barre, Vermont


“I believe these lessons can help fathers with their children of almost any age . . . 5—20.”

Roger Rock, Peru,  New York


“Thank you for sharing your Biblical knowledge with us.  Our kids are loving your devotions as are we.”

Jeff and Tanya Aiello,  Rolling Meadows, Illinois


“Thank you for sharing what God has taught you.  Your example has impacted us more than you will ever know.”

Jen and Frank Polizzi, Chicago, Illinois


“Thanks for teaching us some really practical ways to teach God’s truth.”

John and Sarah Rummelhoff, Chicago, Illinois


“Equipping Christian parents to do what the Lord has commanded us to do in a practical way.  Outstanding!”

Dan Gromaca, Peotone, IL


“Tim Shoemaker’s devotional workshop was like a two-out grand slam in the bottom half of the ninth inning in Game 7 of the World Series–thrilling, dynamic and life-changing!  Your family’s devotional life will never be the same.  His enthusiasm is contagious, his passion–motivating, and his dynamic activities will excite and empower even the most hesitant parent.  Whether you are just beginning to embark on the adventure of family devotions, or have been doing them for years, Tim’s devotional workshop ad books will take them to a whole new level.  Your kids will be as excited about having devotions as you are in leading them.”

Dale McElhinney Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist


“Several examples Tim shared are exactly what I have prayed to God for to help me with my daughters.”


“What impacted me?  Tim’s preparations, helpful handouts for note taking, and simple but outrageous experiments to teach kids!”

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