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Speaking: Men

“The retreat theme you developed proved to be exactly what our men needed.  As one man facing the daunting challenge of being a husband and gather of a large, blended family told us afterward, ‘I can do this.  He’s just a regular guy like me so I know I can do it.’  Your teaching on the dangers of pornography opened up a frank and open discussion and resulted in several young men asking prayer and seeking help to step out of this deadly trap.”

Pastor Nick Gough, Great Falls, Montana


“A huge thank you to you for a fantastic presentation for Christian men!  You hit it right on the mark, and I am wishing I had brought my teenage sons up to hear it too.”

Pastor Peter Enns, Rushford, Minnesota

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Speaking:  Parents


“Every parent I spoke with that attended walked away with great devotions ideas and were so grateful we had you come.  You do such a great job of giving hands-on demonstrations of devotions that families can use in their homes.”

Pastor Todd Slagle,  Gladstone, Missouri


“Tim Shoemaker’s devotional workshop was like a two-out grand slam in the bottom half of the ninth inning in Game 7 of the World Series–thrilling, dynamic and life-changing!  Your family’s devotional life will never be the same.  His enthusiasm is contagious, his passion–motivating, and his dynamic activities will excite and empower even the most hesitant parent.  Whether you are just beginning to embark on the adventure of family devotions, or have been doing them for years, Tim’s devotional workshop and books will take them to a whole new level.  Your kids will be as excited about having devotions as you are in leading them.”

Dale McElhinney Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

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Speaking:  Women


“Our church family and community were blessed beyond measure by your presence with us!”

Denise Goodman, Peoria,  Illinois


“I thoroughly enjoyed Tim & Cheryl’s talk on God’s Woman and Marriage.  Tim’s energetic speaking style combined with this couple’s obvious and beautiful love for each other made for a very effective and interesting presentation.   I still have my notes from that day as a reminder and with suggestions on how to be the wife and woman God created me to be.  I highly recommend Tim Shoemaker as a dynamic speaker and when “coupled” with his wife Cheryl, they can truly provide wisdom and insight for every woman in her married life.”

Julie Rolffs, Peoria, IL

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Speaking:  Children’s Ministry


“I felt a need for strengthening our boy’s and youth’s faith.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about doing that.  Your workshop went way beyond what I had imagined.  I left with hope and determination to help these boys and young men grow up rooted in the faith.”


“Practical, usable, easy to take away with you.”

Pastor Brian Oberg, Marquette, Michigan

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Speaking:  Youth


“Thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you into my life.”

Andrew Cook, Portland, Maine


“So many were touched, blessed, challenged, inspired, and equipped by your messages.  The youth really enjoyed your message and got a lot out of it with some practical take home application.  I was impressed and challenged by all the totally sweet visual aids you used in your messages.  But what impressed me most was your genuineness.”

Mitch Saad, Peoria,  Illinois

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Speaking:  Writers Conference


“Something I’ve observed from watching Tim Shoemaker in action: He listens. He cares. He wants to help. He has the Father’s heart. Those are great traits for a faculty member to have. But that’s not all there is to the Tim Shoemaker package. Whether he’s speaking to a large group as a keynoter or teaching a class, he knows how to hold his audience’s attention. Tim uses creative methods to illustrate important points. Sometimes that means smashing tomatoes or blowing up things in a microwave, or maybe even using a specially made view finder. His lessons are remembered, he’s remembered, and that makes a conference director happy.”

Twila Belk ~ The Gotta Tell Somebody Gal
Writer, Speaker, Radio Personality, Conference Director
Manager/PA of bestselling author Cecil (Cec) Murphey


“Tim is the kind of faculty member conference directors like to have: easy to work with and a big heart for helping writers succeed. He packs a lot of content into his classes and adds extra value, such as detailed handouts and giveaways. As a general-session speaker, he captures attention with crazy visuals to illustrate his points and make them memorable.”

Lin Johnson, Director, Write-to-Publish Conference

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Devotional Books


“No matter how many books you have read about family devotions . . .you have not come across one like this!  Tim Shoemaker shows that  . . . you can have one devotional time per week your kids will never forget.”

Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, Illinois


 “Parents on the go often struggle to find meaningful points of connection with their kids . . . Tim comes through again with a book full of how-to’s that will impact your kids.”

James MacDonald, Radio Host, Walk in the Word, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, Illinois

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