For Youth

I’ve talked to youth for more than fifteen years. I’m passionate about helping students avoid the traps in life and encouraging them to become men and women of God.

Tim Shoemaker Speaking to Youth

 “So many were touched, blessed, challenged, inspired, and equipped by your messages.  The youth really enjoyed your message and got a lot out of it with some practical take home application.  I was impressed and challenged by all the totally sweet visual aids you used in your messages.  But what impressed me most was your genuineness.”

Mitch Saad, Peoria,  Illinois

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Talks include:

  • Who We Are in the Dark Living like a Christian even when nobody is looking.
  • Out of Control The absolute necessity of self control and Holy Spirit control to protect yourselves and those you love.
  • Cold Heart, Hard Heart The dangers of a hard heart and our need to ask God to thaw ours.
  • The Silent Killer: God’s Man and Pornography This is really intended for the guys.  Pornography is a monster that can become our master.  We’ll look at what pornography will do to their future and how to break free.
  • Graffiti Making your mark in life.  Does God have a plan for your life? He does . . . and we’ll talk about a life that counts.
  • Food Frenzy God gives all of us three things . . . time, resources, and the freedom to choose how to use it.
  • Moment of Truth Telling the truth and avoiding deception . . . keys to becoming the Christian God wants us to be.
  • Cheated Some of the biggest factors in your life were determined by God . . . not you.  Your looks.  Basic abilities and intelligence.  Your parents and family.  Sometimes it may feel like God gave you a raw deal.  We’ll encourage students not to resent God or be jealous of others, but to give God what they have and see what He does with it.
  • The Trouble with Susan B. Living too much like the world puts us in danger of losing our true value as Christians.
  • The Three-legged Race Case A crazy race will start things off on perhaps the most powerful reasoning for dating a Christian.