For Women

I team up with my wife, Cheryl to lead seminars for women at conferences and churches around the country.  Our tag team approach mixed with various object lessons and visuals bring our points home in a powerful—and memorable—way.

Speaking for a group of women

“We have been blessed by all you’ve shared with us—you’ve given us wisdom and tools to keep our marriages strong!”

Jill Skeives, Peoria, Illinois

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Here are some of our topics:

  • The Storybook Bride: God’s Woman and Marriage A Christian wife has a high calling, and can have a tremendous influence on the kind of man her husband becomes.  We’ll look at God’s excellent plan for marriage, and how a woman can work toward it.  We’ll also cover 15 ways to strengthen a marriage or to keep it strong.
  • Helping Your Husband Become a Hero This is really part two of the marriage seminar.  We’ll look at one of the points of part one in more detail.  And we’ll look at a man’s foundational dreams . . . things he wants, deep down inside.  Women may be surprised to find these are exactly the things she truly desires her man to be.  By helping her man, she is helping herself.


  • Teach Your Kids Spiritual Life Lessons Even Teens Will Love  Teaching your kids about God and the principals he’s given us to live by seems like a huge task. In this “hands-on” and “how-to” workshop, attendees will be equipped to do the job at home. They’ll leave with everything they need to succeed with this at home, even if they’ve tried and failed before. A special emphasis will be placed on understanding why men don’t pick up the ball when it comes to training their kids spiritually.  And we’ll explain the best ways to approach that issue with a husband to truly help them over the fear and obstacles holding them back. 

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