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I love talking to men!  I use a huge variety of object lessons to help teach men biblical truth—like electrocuting a pickle, creating a -100 degree solution for fast-freezing, and converting a leaf blower to shoot toilet paper. These demos, often done with the help of a volunteer from the audience, really connect with men.  And men tend to remember the application better as well. Check out some of the topics for men that I’m passionate about . . .

Smashing tomatoes at a Tim Shoemaker conference

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Here are some of my topics:

  • Guard Your Heart  Being a man who follows God is one of the toughest jobs on the planet—and one of the most rewarding.  It’s a high stakes assignment through hostile territory—and you have to keep yourself and the loved ones God has entrusted you with safe for the entire mission.  We’ll take a look at what drives you—and what you need to change to grow to be a faithful man of God over the long haul.
  • Out of Control: God’s Man and the Work of the Holy Spirit  We’ll look at the two things every Christian man must have to keep himself and those he loves safe . . . self control and Holy Spirit control.
  • The Heroic Groom: God’s Man and Marriage  A good bodyguard will take a bullet for the one he is protecting.  A Christian husband is called to love his wife with that level of personal commitment.  We’ll look at how a man can protect himself, his wife, and his kids by being a Christ-like husband.  Among other things, here’s some things we’ll look at.

-The kind of love we want from our wife—and the kind of love we must give.

-The affect of the quality of our marriage on our kids—and their Christianity.

-The killer of great marriages . . . hard hearts . . . and what that looks like.

-Things that belong in God’s plan for marriage . . . and things that don’t.

-15 ways to strengthen your marriage . . . or keep it strong.

  • The Silent Killer: God’s Man and Sexual Purity We live in a dark world and a Christian man must be able to see clearly if he’s going to avoid personal destruction.  We’ll look at the dangers of getting involved in the sin we’re to avoid—like pornography . . . and we’ll look at how to break free.  This is a sensitive topic—and one with epidemic and devastating affects on the Christian family and church.  Heralded by attendees as the clearest workshop dealing with pornography that they’ve ever heard, here are some of the things that will be covered in a direct, but careful way.

-How pornography is truly a monster that cannot be controlled by any man.

-God’s plan for sex—how it sweetens marriage.

-What is at stake: 8 ways pornography messes up good sex in marriage.

-What happens in a wife’s mind when her husband is involved in porn.

-Lies men tell themselves about the affect of pornography on their lives.

-What the Bible says about pornography.

-The danger of approaching this topic too lightly . . . of taking advantage of God’s forgiveness, of trampling His grace.

-10 starting points for breaking free from pornography.

  • Finishing Strong  Protecting yourself and those you love is a lifelong duty.  To fall short is to fail—something a Christian man can’t afford to do.  We’ll look at what it takes to make a strong finish—without regrets.
  • The Ride of Your Life  Life can be a roller coaster and men can struggle with failure and feelings of inadequacy.  Whether we’re in the “up” or the “down” portion of our life it is the fact that we’re securely harnessed to God, (trusting and obeying Him) that keeps us safe.
  • Teach Your Kids Spiritual Life Lessons Even Teens Will Love  Teaching your kids about God and the principals he’s given us to live by seems like a huge task. In this “hands-on” and “how-to” workshop, men will be equipped to do the job at home. They’ll leave with everything they need to succeed with this at home, even if they’ve tried and failed before. The workshop will help men get over every fear and obstacle that has been holding them back.

“You did a superb job for us and the men really enjoyed it.  In fact, I heard through the grapevine that this year’s was one of the best if not the best men’s retreat ever.”

Pastor Paul Osborne, Sisseton,  South Dakota

“One of the most relevant workshops I’ve ever been to and I’m a teacher and attend in-services galore.”

Bruce Richardson, Herscher, IL

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