For Children’s Ministry and Youth Workers

“You are going to get some GREAT ideas on how to teach and lead children to the Lord.  It gave me inspiration to experiment with my sermon illustrations too.”  Pastor Adam Rinehart, Greens Fork, Indiana

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  • Jesus Never Bored His Listeners: Getting More Traction With Your Devotionals & Teaching
    Designed as a 3-hour workshop, this will help your teachers turn good teaching into really good teaching. We’ll incorporate Jesus’ 7 Practices as described below, demonstrate a variety of object lessons teachers can use, talk about ways to keep even common Bible stories fresh, and remind teachers of critical truth to help inspire them to be the best teachers they can be.
  • Using Jesus’ 7 Practices to Maximize Your Teaching
    Whether teaching Sunday School, devotionals, or teaching youth, we can improve our effectiveness dramatically when we apply the 7 things Jesus did when he taught. Practical and powerful.
  • Leading Kids to Christ
    The plan of salvation is the foundation of all we do for kids.  Presenting the Gospel also presents many teachers with the problem of how to do it creatively so kids will listen.  Designed for kids eight and older, we’ll demo at least 12 powerful object lessons you can use to “ramp up” to a Gospel presentation.
  • Developing Dads to do Devotions with Their Kids
    Often your best efforts to teach kids at church aren’t enough.  You need parents to teach at home too–but most need help with that.  In this workshop, I’ll show you how to lead a parents meeting that will equip and inspire dads–and moms. You’ll be able to teach parents how to lead effective and powerful object lesson and activity-oriented family devotions.