Code of Silence Series



Code of Silence book cover, by Tim ShoemakerCode of Silence (Book 1)

Living a Lie Comes with a Price


“Booklist 2013 Top Ten Crime Novels for Youth”

Three friends witness a violent robbery and fearing for their lives, make a pact to hide what they know.  Trapped in a code of silence, they must face the consequences of choosing right or wrong-when both options have a price.

deliberate, plausible, and gritty whodunit.”  Booklist Starred Review



Code Series 1Back Before Dark (Book 2)

Sometimes rescuing a friend from darkness…means going in after them.

When Gordy is abducted, Cooper struggles with guilt and takes increasing risks to find him.  With no ransom call and no leads, everyone fears the worst.  Cooper can’t live with that-and makes a decision that just might get him killed.

“…sickeningly smart.  You will not have any fingernails left by the final page.” Booklist Review





Code Series

Below the Surface (Book 3)

Fear can be buried…but that doesn’t mean it’s dead.

Cooper and friends just want to enjoy their summer vacation with no mysteries and no trouble.  And no way that is going to happen.  Old fears and new dangers are just below the surface-and have a way of finding them.

“…easygoing prose and dialogue with excruciation moments of claustrophobic tension.” Booklist Review




Looking for great fiction for Tweens and Young Adult readers?

The Code of Silence series features contemporary suspense that will hold their attention.  With short chapters and a storyline that will pull the reader in, this series will be hard for boys-or girls to put down.  Even reluctant readers.

The Code of Silence series will help kids grapple with real-life issues.  Honesty, integrity, friendship, loyalty, decision-making, sacrifice, fear, faith, and more.


For Parents and Teachers of Reluctant Readers . . .

The Code of Silence series is perfect for kids who struggle with reading.  Once they start reading it, most kids get hooked and keep going.  Better yet, try reading aloud to them. They’ll love the story, improve their comprehension skills, and learn some great lessons about life and the choices we make in the process.  At the very end of each book there’s a letter from me to the reader.  I’ll share some thoughts and insights about life in the light of the story, and things they may want to think about.  Don’t miss that!