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Tim Speaking at a Writers Conference

“Something I’ve observed from watching Tim Shoemaker in action: He listens. He cares. He wants to help. He has the Father’s heart. Those are great traits for a faculty member to have. But that’s not all there is to the Tim Shoemaker package.

Whether he’s speaking to a large group as a keynoter or teaching a class, he knows how to hold his audience’s attention. Tim uses creative methods to illustrate important points. Sometimes that means smashing tomatoes or blowing up things in a microwave, or maybe even using a specially made view finder. His lessons are remembered, he’s remembered, and that makes a conference director happy.”

Twila Belk ~ The Gotta Tell Somebody Gal
Writer, Speaker, Radio Personality, Conference Director
Manager/PA of bestselling author Cecil (Cec) Murphey

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I’m a frequent speaker at Christian writers conferences.  The workshops are high-energy and jam-packed with practical helps.  The handouts are detailed and complete.  Here are some of my topics:

Tim Shoemaker speaks to writers

  • Pesky Point of View Problems  Viewpoint inconsistencies raise editor’s eyebrows and confuse readers.  This workshop will help you identify and fix this common problem.  More than that, we’ll look at how to use POV as a tool to strengthen your writing.  Attendees will leave with a highly-coveted “Super-ocular POV Finder”.
  • Show & Tell  Improve your fiction with proven techniques to help you do more showing and less telling.  I won’t just tell you how to improve; I’ll show you.
  • Putting Words in Their Mouths  Talk may be cheap, but poor dialogue will cost you.  The words you put into the mouths of your fiction characters are critical.  Learn insights to “heave-ho” the “ho-hum” dialogue.
  • Connecting With Boys  The thought of writing for 10-12-year-old boys can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Learn some of the basics for connecting with boys and helping them grow to be men of God.
  • Leaving a Legacy for Your Grandkids Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, we’ll look at the huge impact you can make on your kids, grandkids and great grandkids by sharing some of your life experiences and lessons you’ve learned.  We’ll help you with ideas to get you started on this worthy project.  This can become a powerful tool in their lives to protect them from traps in life and to encourage them to make the right steps.
  • Creating a Scene Making a scene in public is easy . . . just stand on a chair and scream. But creating a scene in your fiction is a different story.  Discover techniques to strengthen your story—one scene at a time.
  • The Appointment An appointment with an editor or seasoned writer is a good thing, and we’ll look at practical ways to start out on the right foot. Learn critical secrets that can open up avenues for your writing . . . and help you avoid the roadblocks.
  • How to Get Published Learn the basics for getting your writing published.  This workshop is designed as a full five-hour continuing session or is available as a shorter version.

“Tim is the kind of faculty member conference directors like to have: easy to work with and a big heart for helping writers succeed. He packs a lot of content into his classes and adds extra value, such as detailed handouts and giveaways. As a general-session speaker, he captures attention with crazy visuals to illustrate his points and make them memorable.”

Lin Johnson, Director, Write-to-Publish Conference

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