Speaking- I speak at schools, churches, and para-church organizations (such as Focus on the Family, Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences and Pastor Conferences). I also speak at men’s retreats, women’s groups, couples retreats, Youth Worker conventions, homeschool conventions, writers’ conventions, and conduct Family Devotion Workshops all across the country.

Books- I’m the author of sixteen books, including  Easy Target, Escape From the Everglades, Code of SilenceBack Before DarkBelow the Surface, The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions, Smashed Tomatoes…Bottle Rockets and Other Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids, Dangerous Devotions for Guys,  Super Husband Super Dad and more.


 Tim’s Books

The Quick Bio

  • Happily married to Cheryl, the love of my life.
  • Dad to three grown sons and daughter-in-laws
  • Elder in my local church and high school small group leader
  • Full time speaker and author since 2004
  • Living in the greater Chicago area
  • Grateful for God’s incredible grace and mercy to me in countless ways

My Passions

  • To be a man of integrity, who loves God and others with all my heart.
  • To be an extraordinary husband to Cheryl, the wife of my youth.
  • To love my sons, daughters-in-law, grandkids and extended family with everything in me.
  • To impact kids and youth in ways that cause them to become true men and women of God.
  • To help parents teach their kids about God and the principles He’s given us to live by.
  • To help couples experience the richness that comes from a marriage guided by God.
  • To help men see what a Christian man should be in all the various facets of life.