The Silent Killer: God’s Man and Sexual Purity

Over 75 years ago the great-granddaddy of horror films raised goose bumps on the arms of terrified moviegoers across the United States.

In the Hollywood version of Frankenstein, Doctor Frankenstein became obsessed with life and death. Specifically the idea of creating life. The doctor employed a helper with questionable character, and together they dug up bodies from the graveyard as soon as the mourners left. Using body parts from a variety of corpses, Dr. Frankenstein stitched together his creation.

Using the power of an electric storm and a bunch of whiz-bang gadgetry, he brought the “monster” to life. The monster eventually turned on his master and everyone else, wreaking havoc and disaster. Dr. Frankenstein couldn’t control the monster–it had a life of it’s own.

Now, the movie is old. The sets are obvious, the script is predictable, the special effects are primitive, and the acting is the worst of all. It really isn’t scary anymore, not by today’s standards.

But there is a chilling parallel to the Christian life of many men. They are digging around in a graveyard of sins that we’re to avoid. It can take many forms, but the area I want to zero in on here is pornography. What many men don’t realize is that pornography is a powerful monster, and once brought to life, it can control and destroy.

Dr. Frankenstein tried locking the monster up in a dungeon, but it broke free. And this is what happens with pornography, too. Men think they can keep it hidden, locked up, isolated in a secret corner of their life. But pornography is a monster, and it always breaks free and makes its presence known.

As I speak to men, I have seen so many caught in the grip of this monster. Their stories are often the same. Marriages destroyed, respect from their kids lost, and haunting regrets of what might have been if they had never gone to the graveyard.

Click here to listen to a podcast of a message delivered to a group of men from Bethel Community Church. This is possibly one of the most clear and powerful presentations you’ll hear on the topic. Here are some things we’ll cover.

  • What the Bible says about pornography.
  • Eight ways pornography actually destroys good sex in marriage.
  • Three ways a woman is affected when her husband is into pornography.
  • Ten starting points for breaking free from pornography.

There is hope. And help. Men, it’s time to stop playing in the graveyard. The dead are there. Check out the podcast and learn how to break free from this monster.

An audio podcast of Tim Shoemaker
“The Silent Killer: God’s Man and Sexual Purity”

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