The Heroic Groom: God’s Man and Marriage

There are a bazillion messages, blogs, books, and articles about how to have a great marriage. But I want to share some things with you I don’t think you’ve ever heard before. Not like this anyway.

And to make it easier, you can hear a podcast right here of a message I gave to the men at Bethel Community Church about this very topic. Give it a listen and here are some of the things you’ll hear about.

  • Things that belong in God’s plan for marriage . . . and things that don’t. Some of these might come as a bit of a wake-up call.
  • The kind of love we want from our wife . . . and the kind of love we must give.
  • How the quality of our marriage affects our kids–and their Christianity.
  • The killer of great marriages . . . hard hearts . . . and what that looks like.
  • -5 ways to strengthen your marriage . . . or keep it strong.
  • How the 1930 Indy 500 gives us one of the greatest pictures of what a husband’s leadership and the whole submission thing should look like in marriage.

A lot of people talk about making marriage better. And yeah, there are a bazillion resources to help. But it seems we’re still surrounded by just as many mediocre marriages. Don’t settle for that. Marriage truly can be great–and I’d like to help you get there. Check out the podcast. There is a better way.

An audio podcast of Tim Shoemaker
The Heroic Groom: God’s Man and Marriage

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