The Storybook Bride: God’s Woman and Marriage

Most girls dream of getting married someday. Often fueled by storybooks and Hollywood movies, they imagine how wonderful marriage will be. A great relationship between a man and woman is often portrayed as if there was something magic between them.
When these girls grow up, become a bride, and walk down the aisle, they usually have high expectations, but low levels of preparation to make marriage as good as it can be.

Eventually they close the book on their “happily ever after” hopes and settle for a marriage at some level of mediocrity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be real. Fresh. Passionate. Even if you’ve been married for many years. Cheryl and I speak to women’s groups at churches and help them see how to get their marriage going back in the right direction.

You can listen to a podcast of this two-part message right here. Among other things, here are some things we’ll cover.

  • The kind of love you want from a husband . . . and the kind you must give.
  • The affect of the quality of our marriage on our kids–and their Christianity.
  • The killer of great marriages . . . hard hearts . . . and what that looks like.
  • 15 ways to strengthen your marriage . . . or keep it strong.

A good marriage isn’t exactly like Hollywood or a storybook. But when we do it according to God’s book it can be better. Sometimes just the smallest of steps in the right direction can change everything. Bring out the “magic” in your relationship again. Listen to the podcast and you’ll definitely get some ideas of where to start.

An audio podcast of Tim Shoemaker and Cheryl Shoemaker
“The Storybook Bride: God’s Woman and Marriage”

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