Out of Control: God’s Man and The Work of the Holy Spirit

I took piano lessons when I was a kid. Practiced every day after school. Trouble was, the piano was in the basement–and so was the TV. Do you know what happens when you watch “Gilligan’s Island” while you’re supposed to be practicing the piano? Not much.

The same thing happens to men with their relationship with God. We get lax with self-control. We go through the motions of being a Christian man. Easily get distracted. We aren’t careful to consistently do the things we really should . . . and we wonder why our spiritual life seems hollow. Why our marriage isn’t better.

It all comes down to our heart. To exercising self-control and learning how to give the Holy Spirit control of our life. If we mess up in these areas, we’re going to get hurt . . . and we won’t be able to protect those we really love. Which is the topic of a message I bring to men at churches and retreats. In this message we look at some critical truth about being a man . . . one that enjoys the benefits that are ours as Christians. One that protects himself and those he loves.

This message was given to the men of Bethel Community Church and you can listen to the podcast here. You’ll get a picture of the kind of life Christian men often miss, and the first steps to change that. You’ll hear what I keep in my pocket every day to remind me of the man I want to be.

My piano-playing future didn’t sail far. I chose “Gilligan’s Island”, and shipwrecked my chances. Don’t let that happen to you with your spiritual walk. There is something more. Go after it.

An audio podcast of Tim Shoemaker
“Out of Control: God’s Man and the Work of the Holy Spirit”

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