Helping Your Husband Become a Hero

I think deep inside a man who desires to follow Christ there are some foundational dreams. He may not express it in so many words, but if you asked him he’d probably agree that he desires all of these at the very core of his being.

1. That he’d look back on his life with few regrets.

2. That he’d be loved and respected by his wife and kids. That they would look at him as their hero.

3. That he’d be respected and have a good reputation in the workplace or industry, at church, and socially.

4. That he would enjoy success, God’s blessing on the things he does.

5. That he would make the right choices, do the right things–even when it’s hard.

6. That he’d live a life of purpose and significance, and that he’d live out God’s plan for him.

7. That he’d hear “well done, good and faithful servant” from God himself someday.

Aren’t these the same kinds of things you’d like for your husband? When you help a man fulfill his dreams, you’re benefitting yourself and your family at the same time.

Unless a man succeeds at these foundational dreams, any other goal he attains will eventually ring hollow to him.

I honestly don’t believe a woman can grasp the influence she can have on her man–good or bad. You can help your man become the man of his dreams and your dreams. You can help him become a hero.
Cheryl, by loving God enough to trust Him with His plan, by striving to be an excellent wife, makes me want to work harder not to let her down.

Her love and dedication makes me want to be the best husband I can be. Her example increases my resolve to follow God’s plan and love her like Christ did the church.

For ideas of how to do that yourself, listen to the podcast Helping Your Husband Become a Hero. This is really part two of The Storybook Bride: God’s Woman and Marriage podcast posted in the previous blog. Sometimes the best way to help a husband become the man of your dreams is to become the woman of his dreams.

An audio podcast of Tim and Cheryl Shoemaker
“Help Your Husband Become a Hero”

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