Do You Want Richer Relationships?
I'm just an ordinary husband and dad that God has led into sharing creative ways to help people build stronger relationships in all areas of their life.
Helping people get there in a powerful way is my passion.

Tim Shoemaker


I speak at churches, para-church organizations such as Focus on the Family, Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences, International Network of Children’s Ministry, Moody Pastors Conference, at men’s retreats, women’s groups, couples retreats, Youth Worker conventions, homeschool conventions, and conduct Family Devotion Workshops all across the country.



I’m the author of eight books, including Smashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets and Other Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do With Your Kids, Dangerous Devotions for Guys, Reboot Your Brain Byte Sized Devotions for Boys, and Code of Silence (releasing spring 2012).

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Tim's Books - Fanned

I love speaking, and love writing just as much.   Most of my books fall into two broad categories.



Books with tons of object lesson ideas to help teach kids spiritual truth in a way where they’ll listen . . . even teens!



Contemporary adventure and suspense for 8-12-year-old boys that will hold their attention.  Not patronizing, skinny books for boys, but stories they can truly enjoy and learn from.  Perfect for reluctant readers, and ideal for parents or teachers to read to their kids.   Designed for boys . . . but they work great with girls, too!

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Code of Silence

Code of Silence cover

Available Now!

Suspense fiction for 8-13-year-old middle school readers.


In Code of Silence, thirteen-year-old Cooper MacKinnon and his two friends witness a violent burglary. Fearing their lives will be at risk if they talk, they form a pact, a code of silence to keep everything they’ve seen quiet. They find that living a lie doesn’t come without a price tag.

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